Today on Green CarReports: A new company wants to be the pre-eminent Tesla tuner, Nissan recalls 29,000 Leaf electric cars to fix an airbag issue, and Honda is in the news not just once, but twice. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

France's Renault Zoe electric car won a zero-emission version of the famed Monte Carlo Rally.

Volvo is testing a flywheel energy-storage system that it says could cut fuel consumption up to 25 percent.

California's most popular car among retail buyers isn't the Toyota Prius hybrid after all; can you guess what it is?

San Francisco vehicle startup Lit Motors is still developing its C-1, an all-electric enclosed motorcycle, and we've got video.

Honda opened an experimental zero-carbon smart home in California yesterday, complete with electric car; we were there.

Among 96,000 vehicles affected by a recall for defective software in the airbag system are 2013 and 2014 Nissan Leaf electric cars.

A company called Unplugged Performance wants to tune Teslas, just as AMG hot-rods Mercedes-Benzes.

If you want to know what the plug-in hybrid 2015 BMW i3 sports coupe sounds like without sound masking, we've got the audio.


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