Saleen Automotive is well-known for its high-performance tuning on familiar models like the Ford Mustang.

But what car do you choose if you want to tackle an electric model? Given the Ford connection, maybe the Focus EV? Perhaps the high-selling Nissan Leaf?

No--instead you go for an electric car that's already fast: The Tesla Model S.

Saleen had previously suggested it was working on an electric car project, but its latest press release (via Motor Authority) reveals the Model S will be that car.

It's still in the early stages of development, and it remains to be seen what Saleen can do with the car. After all, it already performs well, and short of tweaking the electronics or dropping in a whole new motor there's probably a limit to what can be gained in that department.

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There's room for maneuver with the suspension setup though, and Saleen always puts its own unique visual touch to its cars--so some kind of distinctive aero package is likely.

Company boss Steve Saleen says he shares a desire "to produce vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels and which accomplish this fuel independence with a tremendous assemblage of grace and technology".

This "tremendous assemblage" will, in Saleen's words, make for "one of the most compelling Teslas to ever hit the roadway".

If Saleen's car proves successful, we can't see it being long before other tuners follow suit--proving that electric vehicles aren't quite as one-dimensional as some people think.


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