• Saleen Foursixteen based on the Tesla Model S

    An electric car's main purposes are those of efficiency and reducing reliance on oil. But as cars, they're also objects ingrained into culture and often bought for emotive reasons, like speed and aesthetics. It's no surprise that with both plenty of performance and a sleek body style, the Tesla Model S is as loved by diehard gearheads as it is by electric car advocates. Saleen's Foursixteen--a modified Tesla Model S--delivers a little more performance and arguably, an even more desirable look. And is more than happy to burn some rubber, as Saleen's video demonstrates. We'll admit to enjoying...

    Saleen FourSixteen Is Modified Tesla Model S: Full Details

    Saleen used the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance to unveil its take on the Tesla Model S electric sedan, the FourSixteen. More familiar to fans of high-performance gasoline-fueled road cars, Saleen has gone green with its latest modified vehicle, a car company boss Steve Saleen describes as...

  • Saleen Tesla Model S
    Famous Tuner Saleen Releases Tesla Model S Hot-Rod Sketches

    No matter how fast a car is, there's always someone who'll want to make it faster. That's why you'll find as many companies tuning high-end cars as there are modifying pony cars or basic subcompacts. And it's why Saleen is developing its own hot-rodded version of the Tesla Model S electric sedan...

  • 2014 Tesla Model S
    Had To Happen: High-Performance Tesla Model S From Saleen On The Way

    Saleen Automotive is well-known for its high-performance tuning on familiar models like the Ford Mustang. But what car do you choose if you want to tackle an electric model? Given the Ford connection, maybe the Focus EV? Perhaps the high-selling Nissan Leaf? No--instead you go for an electric car...

  • 2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Los Angeles Auto Show
    Supercar Maker Saleen Confirms Electric Car Plans

    "A trend, not a fad" is how American supercar builder Saleen has described electric cars--and why it intends to build its own in the next few years. That's an impressive commitment from a company best known for gas-guzzling supercars like the Saleen S7 and highly-modified versions of the Ford...

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