Today on Green Car Reports, we correct the math in Forbes magazine, GM says it wants to build a Tesla competitor, and Jewish holidays cause clean air. All this and more on Green Car Reports.

General Motors says it's developing a $30,000 electric car with 200 miles of range; sounds like Tesla competition to us. When? They didn't say.

We respond to a Forbes magazine critique of our article last week on Tesla Superchargers by pointing out the magazine's math errors.

Turns out that Israel tested what happens when you remove all cars from the roads. Surprise, surprise: The air gets cleaner.

Nissan crossed the line in a Leaf ad by saying that yes, in effect, electric cars are better than gasoline cars.

California is getting serious about hydrogen fueling stations; the state committed some serious money to making them happen.

Got $3.6 trillion? That's what our nation's bridges need just to get them into a state of good repair.

And mark your calendars now for the weekend of September 28 and 29: It's National Plug-In Day again!


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