If you like electric cars--or are even just curious about how they work--keep the last weekend of September open.

The third annual National Plug-In Day (actually it's now a full weekend) will take place September 28 and 29, with events in cities across the United States (including Hawaii).

The goal is to celebrate the electrification of the automobile, with plug-in car drivers and advocates educating the public on how the cars work and on the benefits of electrification.

National Plug-In Day is spearheaded by advocacy group Plug-In America, which partners with the Sierra Club, the Electric Auto Association, and other organizations to promote plug-in cars.

Events will include electric-car parades (surely among the quietest parades ever), ride-and-drives, and informational sessions.

At last year's event, plug-in drivers participated in rallies in dozens of cities, while potential buyers and the general public ogled the newest models at special exhibits.

Participating cars will include recent models like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, and Chevy Volt, plus a few older models--like the 1915 Milburn Light Electric that showed up at an event in Los Angeles.

To find an event near you, search by ZIP code on National Plug-In Day's events page.

If you want to experience zero-emission driving, or have already converted and want to fly the plug-in car flag, mark your calendar!


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