With lease prices for various electric cars creeping ever downwards, it was only a matter of time until Honda followed suit with its Fit EV.

Originally priced at $389 per month, a letter given to us by an electric car owner revealed the lease price would drop to $259/month--now confirmed by Honda in a press release.

That's not only good news for potential Fit EV lessees, but existing ones too, as Honda is dropping the price all-round from June.

The new three-year lease term requires no down-payment, and also removes the mileage cap of the old lease, meaning electric Fit drivers can travel as much as they wish without fear of extra charges.

It also includes routine maintenance and collision coverage--as well as a Leviton 240V home charging station. It doesn't include installation of said station, but that'll be a small price to pay for the convenience of plugging in to a suitable charger.

2013 Honda Fit EV: First Drive Video

In comparison, lease terms for the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e and Chevrolet Spark EV all have mileage caps and none include collision coverage.

The new package should make the Fit EV one of the cheapest electric vehicles in the U.S. to run--and it's already one of the most efficient, with a 118 MPGe combined rating from the EPA. Official range is 82 miles.

While the Honda Fit EV was initially considered a 'compliance car'--i.e. a vehicle sold only in California to meet the state's electric car quota--Honda has expanded sales to several other states, including those on the East Coast.

The network of qualified Fit EV Honda dealers in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut will expand from 36 to more than 200 by the end of June.

Does the new, lower lease cost and improved lease package move the Fit EV further up your electric car list? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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