A select few drivers on the U.S. West Coast have already been enjoying Honda's token contribution to the electric car market, the Fit EV.

Now their counterparts in some East Coast markets will be able to lease the small EV too.

Drivers in California and Oregon have had access to the 118 MPGe, 82-mile Fit EV for several months, though the model is lease-only, at $389 per month.

Honda even asks you to take an 'EV readiness assessment' to see if your situation is suitable for running an electric car.

2013 Honda Fit EV first drive video

Like several other limited-run electric cars sold on the West Coast and some East Coast markets, the Honda Fit EV finds itself on our list of 'compliance cars'

These are vehicles sold solely to meet the minimum standards of California's electric vehicle sales requirements. There'll only be 1,100 Fit EVs made, and all will be leased in a handful of markets.

Honda reported last year that the six East Coast states getting the Fit EV include Boston, New York, Hartford, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

And when we quizzed the company during our first drive of the Fit EV, they responded that even high demand for the car wouldn't encourage Honda to produce more.

That's a pity, as the Fit is already a great little car, enhanced by fun electric power and some neat styling and interior enhancements.

So save for those in a few markets on each side of the country, you'll probably not get the opportunity to drive one yourself.


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