Honda has confirmed the five East Coast locations in which its 2013 Honda Fit EV will be leased, joining the West Coast markets of California and Oregon.

The electric Fit will be available at selected locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey later this month. The car has been on sale on the West Coast since July 2012.

For $389 per month over three years, based on an MSRP of $36,625, the Fit EV is available for lease only.

Honda's electric Fit is one of the most efficient electric vehicles on sale, EPA-rated at 118 miles per gallon equivalent, or 29 kilowatt-hours per 100 miles. That rises to 132 MPGe in the city, and drops to 105 MPGe highway.

EPA driving range is 82 miles, competitive with other vehicles in the class.

Power comes from a 20 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, feeding a 92 kilowatt (123 horsepower), 189 lb-ft electric motor. Performance is peppy, and the Fit retains the gasoline car's agile handling. Charging from a 240-volt supply can replenish the battery in as little as three hours.

Inside and out the Fit EV is much the same as the standard car, but a few detail changes are enough to let you know something is different underneath. An altered body kit and blanked grille improve aerodynamics, while the cabin gets a clean, white appearance and different gauges.

Honda says "Combining Honda's extensive EV experience with customers–which began 15 years ago with the Honda EV Plus–with the real-world feedback from early Fit EV lessees in several different markets will help us prepare for growing adoption of electric vehicles"--though the Fit EV still remains on our list of 'compliance cars'.

These are vehicles built solely to meet California's mandated targets for electrically-powered vehicles--though some, like the Fit EV, are sold outside California.

Limited availability it may be, but as least East Coast electric car fans can now finally try out the Fit EV.


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