New York or San Francisco? Bagels or Sourdough? East or West? 

If you’re from the east or west coasts of the U.S., you’ll know that there’s a (mainly) friendly rivalry between the two when it comes to culture, food, sports and even politics. 

Now we can add electric cars to the list, specifically how many electric miles are driven, courtesy of BMW ActiveE ‘electronauts’, and electric car advocate and BMW ActiveE driver Michael Thwaite. 

Using the appropriately named website, Thwaite has aggregated the total miles driven by participating ActiveE drivers since BMW launched the ActiveE test program in January this year

Then, for added fun, Thwaite has split participants into two categories: those on the west coast, and those on the east.

Combined, the 54 ActiveE drivers who are participating in the East Vs West mileage competition have travelled an impressive 219,488 miles, saving an estimated 10,451 gallons of gasoline.

But while the U.S. west coast has the larger number of ActiveE drivers, it’s the east coast that wins when it comes to the total number of electric miles driven, beating the west coast’s 108,144 miles by 3,200 extra miles. 

We’d love to say that’s because those on the east coast love electric cars more than those on the west, but we suspect the extra mileage is down to one person: Tom Moloughney. 

The first person to receive an ActiveE lease car in the U.S., Moloughney’s average daily driving distance totals 95 miles. Prior to getting an ActiveE, Moloughney covered 72,500 miles in two and a half years in his previous electric car, a leased BMW Mini E. 

Only available on lease, the BMW ActiveE has already shown itself to be a competent electric car that gives a tantalizing preview of what BMW has in store for us with its i3 all-electric city car and i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, both of which are due to launch in the next twelve months. 

There is of course, just one final question: east or west?

Which coast of ActiveE drivers are you supporting, and why? 

Let us know in the Comments below. 


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