Tesla [NASDAQ:TSLA] may have just confirmed the date of its unofficial unveiling of the 2013 Model X crossover SUV, but it appears some lucky stock analysts at Barclays Capital research have already their own private preview of the much-anticipated car. 

In a recent stock analysis posted online at Barclays investor website, we learn that Tesla was giving analysts a sneak peek at the all-electric, seven-seat SUV before anyone else. 

They even got a ride.

Unfortunately, Barclays’ own analysis of the 2013 Tesla Model X lies behind a member-only firewall, but the copy of the report we’ve seen sings the praises of the Model X.  

Faster Than Porsche 911, More Room Than Audi Q7

“At the first of two events scheduled over the next few months, Tesla provided a preview (including test rides) of its newest vehicle based on the Model S platform, the Model S SUV,” details the report.  “Initial spec (i.e 0-60mph faster than a Porsche 911, 40% more room than an Audi Q7, all-wheel drive, etc.) and design (falcon door, aerodynamic body, etc) were impressive/”

While the Barclays report doesn’t say which Porsche 911 the Tesla Model X is faster than, we think this translates to a sub 0-60 time of 5 seconds or less -- extremely impressive for a large SUV. 

We also have to admit that we’ve never heard of a Falcon door, although we suspect it refers to the same automated door handle found on the 2012 Model S, which sits flush with the door panel to reduce aerodynamic drag until needed. 

Coming Late 2013

Interestingly, the Barclays report cites the Model X as being ready for introduction in late 2012, with availability ready by the end of 2013, meaning it will launch as the 2014 Tesla Model X.  

This ties in nicely with what we’ve been told in the past, although we’d be surprised if Tesla manages to be one of the few automotive companies not to delay the launch of an electric car in recent years. 

2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011

2012 Tesla Model S beta vehicle, Fremont, CA, October 2011

Business First 

Tesla’s decision to let business analysts see the car well ahead of its official February 9 unveiling is no doubt designed to help provide hype for both the car and the company. 

Timing rides to occur just before the holiday break also ensured that Tesla would be featured in business publications from the start of the year, giving it a prominent kick-start to 2012.

Coverage from analysts and business publications also helps Tesla reach the very target audience it hopes to serve with its 2012 Model S and 2014 Model X: customers with enough money to easily afford the luxury price tag that both vehicles command. 


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