For some time now, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said its  new vehicle, the upcoming Model X crossover electric car, would be unveiled int he first quarter of 2012.

We just didn't know when, until now. 

In an interview with In an interview with Gigaom’s Katie Fehrenbacher, Musk confirmed that the 2013 Model X crossover SUV unveiling would take place at a special event on Monday, February 9. 

Although Musk didn't confirm the location, he has previously said that the unveiling would take place at at joint event to mark the opening of Tesla’s southern California design studio.

As you’d expect, Tesla is keeping specific details of the 2013 Model X a secret for now, although we know that the all-electric crossover SUV will be compact yet spacious, offering the same level of luxury we’ve seen in the 2012 Tesla Model S sedan

Tesla IPO presentation via Retail Roadshow

Tesla IPO presentation via Retail Roadshow

We also know that it will offer seating for seven adults thanks to three rows of seats, and aim to “incorporate the functionality of a minivan with the consumer appeal of a sports-utility vehicle,” according to SEC filings. 

We’d also expect the Model X to offer similar technical capabilities as the 2012 Model S, complete with Tesla’s beautiful but non-standard charging port and a complement of battery pack options from 160 miles per charge up to 300. 

We also suspect Tesla has something special lined up when it comes to roof design. When we visited Tesla’s Fremont facility last October, several workers hinted that the Model X’s design -- specifically its roof panels -- would completely outshine the 2012 Model S’ panoramic glass roof. 

Talking of the $57,000+ luxury sedan, how are final production plans progressing?

Tesla Model S workshop - technicians assembling a front sub-frame

Tesla Model S workshop - technicians assembling a front sub-frame

“We’re down to the final brush strokes at this point,” Musk told Gigaom. “The most important thing for us is to get the manufacturing online. We’re trying to get to a 20,000 unit per year run rate as soon as possible and we’ve committed to start deliveries to customers no later than July. I feel very confident of meeting that date.”

As CEO of a fledgling automaker preparing to launch its first truly mass-produced car on the world, Musk is unmistakably calm about the year ahead, and predicts great things for both Tesla and electric cars in general. 

“We can show the industry that if you make cars look good, have good performance and long range then people will buy them,” Musk explained. “The biggest effect that Tesla will have on the market is being a good example for the overall car industry.”


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