Electric cars are incredibly dangerous. They electrocute you if you take them through a car wash.

In fact, just looking at them is dangerous. Why, they might cause heart attacks because they're so ... different.

OK. Turning off the sarcasm key on our computer, we give you--for your Halloween enjoyment--the BATT-mobile!

This is a photo we just had to reuse. (We got it on Facebook, but if you took it, please let us know so we can give you a proper photo credit!)

You don't see that many black Nissan Leaf electric cars (presumably because the interiors heat up fiercely in hot climates), but this is one of them--neatly fitted with cape wings and some trim.

Owner Dave lives in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles,  and uses the black Leaf to commute to his job in Santa Monica and back. He got the car in June, and shares it with his twin brother.

Nissan Leaf BATT-mobile electric car creator Dave, Los Angeles

Nissan Leaf BATT-mobile electric car creator Dave, Los Angeles

The brothers decided to transform their Leaf into the "BATT-mobile" for the National Plug-In Day parade of electric cars held in Santa Monica two weeks ago. The organizers had suggested adding streamers to the cars, and the idea just grew from there.

Want to see Dave discussing the brothers' creative process? If you're a Facebook user, you may be able to view this video.

We note, by the way, that GM has gone out of its way to address parents' special safety concerns on Halloween. It issued a press release pointing out all the helpful ways its Onstar system can help protect you from the zombie apocalypse.

Well done, Dave--and thumbs up, Onstar.


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