Here at Green Car Reports, we bring you the latest news in the world of green cars, covering everything from cars that get great gas mileage through to hybrids, alternative fuels and of course, plug-in cars. 

While we can tell you the latest news in the world of plug-in cars as well as share our own professional opinions of the cars available today, we can’t always tell you what it’s like to live with a specific electric car day in, day out.  

And when we do, it’s normally because we’re sharing our own experiences of owning green cars we’ve purchased as our own daily drivers

But over the weekend Autobloggreen featured a first-hand video account of what it’s like to  live with a 2011 Nissan Leaf, featuring Leaf owner Kevin Day. 

Shot as an entry into Zooppa’s “Changing Your City For The Better” contest, the short film shows what life is really like with an electric car. 

Professionally produced by Justin Adkinson Productions, the 3.5 minute video is one of the best videos about electric cars we’ve seen. Its simple message certainly beats the quirky gimmicks we’ve seen automakers use of late to try and get us to make the switch to electric. 

Covering everything from test-driving and buying through to refuelling, California's electric car perks and infrastructure, this film is a great first base for someone who hasn't yet has the chance to talk to an electric car owner.

Of course, nothing can come close to experiencing an electric car first-hand, but if you don’t have an electric car yet or can’t share yours with friends and family, make sure you tell them to watch this video.

The Electric Vehicle Story from Justin Adkinson Productions on Vimeo.


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