• Tesla Model S

    Tesla Motors continues to rack up achievements, it seems. The company has built more than 30,000 of its sleek Model S electric sport sedans, it's expanding into Europe and China, and it continues to get buzz and set stock-price records. In other words, the brand is HOT. MORE: Elon Musk Talks Tesla Model X Details, Model S Upgrades, At Europe Q+A Sessions So perhaps it was inevitable that a "lifestyle" would emerge--or be yanked into existence--around the notion of luxury all-electric transportation. Or something. We're a bit baffled by the website for Teslarati, which bills itself as"the #1...

  • Nissan Leaf Owner's Film
    Want To Know What Life Is Like With An Electric Car? Watch This

    Here at Green Car Reports, we bring you the latest news in the world of green cars, covering everything from cars that get great gas mileage through to hybrids, alternative fuels and of course, plug-in cars. While we can tell you the latest news in the world of plug-in cars as well as share our own...

  • 2012 Fiat 500 Cabrio
    This Summer’s Six Best Convertibles For Great Gas Mileage

    Summer is finally upon us and that means convertible owners will be cruising the highways with their tops down and the wind in their hair. Convertibles are traditionally more fuel hungry than their hard-top siblings due to the extra weight the vehicles carry, not only from their automated folding...

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