It’s official: the largest FIA is creating a racing series devoted to the electric car. 

Called the Formula E, the series will launch in 2013 and is expected to attract attention from all around the world. 

Interested racing teams have until the 14th October to register their interest in competing in the global series on a three-year contract, and have to write a formal letter of intent to the FIA governing body detailing their suitability to be considered for the series. 

After a prospective team has submitted its letter of intent in the series, the FIA will examine the team to ensure that it meets all of its strict criteria for participation -- including financial stability, technical proficiency, and the team’s attitude towards alternative fuels. 

The tracks have yet to be chosen, but it is expected that each race will last around 15 minutes -- a perfect length to entice new fans into the sport.  Each race weekend is expected to include multiple short-length races rather than a single long grand-prix style race. 

Cars will be roughly the same size and design as the current Formula 3 cars, but with electric motors instead of loud, noisy engines. 

While there are already two electric car race series planned for 2012/13 we think the FIA's involvement in electric car racing can only do good to the image of the electric car among the general public. 

We can’t wait to see which teams -- and drivers -- are going to enter the series and we’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the Formula E series right here at GreenCarReports.

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