The last venue for 2014's Formula E electric racing series has finally be confirmed, taking place in the German capital, Berlin.

It's the tenth and final location set to host the new electric racing series, which will run from September 2014 until June 2015--the winter-based season avoiding clashes with other motorsport series.

According to our sister site Motor Authority, other cities confirmed to host a round of the Formula E season include Bangkok, Beijing, Buenos Aires, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Putrajaya (Malaysia) and Rio de Janeiro.

Those city locations should be fantastic for spectators, and highlight the biggest benefit of electric vehicles--that of zero local pollution.

That includes noise. While the racing will still be louder than the average vehicle in traffic, the 80 decibel output is lower than that of buses and significantly down on the 130 decibels of a typical Formula One car--you could effectively hold the races at night without disturbing the sleep of local residents!

Other kinds of disruption should be minimal too, the organizers confirming that each event will take place on a single day, including qualifying and the race itself.

Unusually, each of the ten teams will supply two vehicles for their two drivers--a decision that becomes clear when you learn each race is scheduled to last around an hour, and each car capable of flat-out racing for only half that time. Drivers will swap cars in the pits during a stop before heading out again--with speeds of up to 135 mph expected from the single-seat racers.

Racing will be governed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile or FIA, the same group that controls Formula One racing.

Several big-name companies have already shown an interest in competing or sponsoring the series, including chassis builder Dallara--who will supply all the teams in the inaugural season--as well as McLaren, Renault, Michelin and Tag Heuer.

British team Bluebird recently revealed its own take on a Formula E racer, and even an existing IndyCar outfit is considering entry into the series--swayed by the low $3.3 million budget cap. The series organizers say 18 teams have already confirmed their interest for future seasons.

It'll certainly be a series to look forward to, and could take motorsport in a whole new direction.

Will you be visiting a round of the Formula E series? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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