It's human nature to take on challenges, and for many in the electric car industry that means embarking upon huge road trips in cars not known for their long ranges. We've seen trips from Alaska to Mexico in an electric race car and 25,000 miles in a Tesla Roadster, amongst others.

Minddrive's idea of an electric car road trip is taking their efficient EV prototype from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL. The Kansas City-based  non-profit organisation is working with groups of at-risk students to construct a streamlined electric vehicle that will be driven coast-to-coast next March.

The car is based on the chassis of a 2000 Lola Indycar that last year recorded 300 mpg equivalent in a mileage challenge. Project Lola has a quick-charge ability that will let it recharge in under an hour after every 120-mile leg of the journey. The lightweight chassis is clothed in a clear, streamlined body so the inner workings can be seen - though we can see it becoming a little hot inside as they drive through the warm Southern states!

Throughout the journey the team will stop at schools to help educate other students about electric vehicles, as well as people they meet along the way.

Minddrive helps to improve the math and science skills of those who otherwise might not get a chance, and gives them goals for the future. You can learn more about the project on the website.

We'll bring you more on the Minddrive coast-to-coast run when it gets underway next year.

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