A group of high school students from the DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Mo., have set out to build an electric car aimed at setting a new world record for efficiency. Working closely with engineers from Bridgestone Americas' Technical Center in Akron, Ohio, the students have just concluded tests on their electric car at the tire company’s Texas Proving Grounds and believe they have already set a new record.

The DeLaSalle electric car is based on the chassis of a 2000 Lola Indy Car but features a unique driveline, electric propulsion system and full, ultra light-weight aerodynamic body. Test runs reported efficiency levels that would be the equivalent of more than 300 mpg and the team are now petitioning Guinness World Records to consider the accomplishments as a new world record.

Despite the momentous achievement, the students are already hard at work improving their design and aim to beat the 300 mpg record already set. Their methods will include improving the aerodynamics of their design and installing a more efficient electric motor.

What initially seemed to be somewhat of a design novelty is shaping up into an interesting project to watch as the students tackle the problems of building an ultra-efficient electric car. Let’s hope some of their talents eventually filter across to the production car world.