Tesla Motors has now released a few videos (here and here) of the all-electric 2012 Model S sports sedan it plans to launch next year.

But we haven't yet seen one showing the Model S driving together with the equally all-electric 2011 Tesla Roadster.

That's what the video below shows.

According to our reader Ernest Becker, "On the Tesla Forum there is indication this was put on Vimeo by Tesla, but when the link was posted, Tesla put a password on it hinting it wasn't supposed to be released yet."

An enterprising Tesla fan named ZorbaR89 grabbed it and posted it to YouTube, however, along with a note saying, "This video belongs to Tesla and is only uploaded to show this amazing car, not my intentions to break copyrights."

We thought GreenCarReports readers--who are often huge electric-car fans--might like Tesla's minute of all-electric performance, shot in their usual glossy style with some (ignorable) pounding music in the background.

We'll be happy to take down this video if Tesla wants us to.

Though knowing their desire to keep the Tesla brand in the eyes of the public while they wind down Roadster sales and prepare to launch the Model S, we doubt they will.


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