If you're going to shoot a teaser video of a radical new concept car, maybe it's not such a good idea to do it in a gigantic plaza in the middle of a large European city.

Audi has now released the official teaser video (view it at the bottom of this story) for the e-tron Urban Concept vehicle it will officially unveil next month at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The video follows a press release it issued yesterday with details on the little electric two-seater.

But the video shoot attracted so much attention from passers-by in the German capital that numerous images of the car hit the Internet well before Audi's video.

From spy shots to YouTube videos, they all show far more detail of the car than the teaser clip does.

2011 Audi Urban Concept

2011 Audi Urban Concept

The concept car joins Audi's growing series of (regrettably named) e-tron electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which has previously included the R8, upcoming R4, A1 minicar, and A5 coupe.

It's an ultra-lightweight, all-electric "buggy" with a pair of staggered seats that reduces the cabin width (and hence its frontal area). Like the all-electric BMW i3 urban car, it uses very tall, narrow tires, again to reduce frontal area and hence aerodynamic drag.

Dual electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery pack of unspecified capacity are expected to give it brisk performance for "extended urban travels."

Audi's video grandly calls the urban e-tron "how we will drive tomorrow."

Well, maybe.

We'll bring you complete coverage of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, here, once it starts on September 13.

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