Yesterday we brought you news of a highly camouflaged all-electric minicar spotted in the center of Berlin and wearing the unmistakable linked ring Audi badge. 

At the time, we postulated that the tiny electric runabout was probably Audi’s e-tron city concept car.  

Now Audi has confirmed that we were right, with an official press release on what it simply refers to as an urban concept, with massive 21 inch narrow wheels and LED lit fenders all round. 

Although we were right about the number of seats in the urban concept, our guesses about seating position weren’t. Watching videos of the narrow urban concept silently moving around a Berlin Plaza, we’d assumed that the passenger would have to sit directly behind the driver, but it turns out we were wrong. 

Instead, the passenger seat is arranged to the right of the driver, but also slightly to the rear, giving both driver and passenger adequate shoulder room. 

It’s an arrangement we’ve seen being employed before in other city cars like the 2011 Smart ForTwo, but Audi’s urban concept’s staggered seating is much more exaggerated. 

Driving position is adjusted not by the seat, but by fully adjustable pedals and steering wheel, a setup which is becoming increasingly popular with automakers in high end luxury and sports cars as drive-by-wire controls become more common. 

Due to its tiny size, the urban concept appears to not have any luggage space, and the rear hatch slides backwards to provide access to the passenger compartment. It is unclear if the roof can stay in its open position while driving, although we’d suspect that it is possible. 

As with many technical concept vehicles, Audi isn’t sharing the nitty-gritty of the urban concept’s performance, only saying that the urban concept features dual electric motors powered by a lithium ion battery pack which it claims will provide powerful acceleration and enough range for extended city tours. 

The urban concept vehicle will be officially unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, and we’ll be there bringing you all the very latest news live from the show floor. 

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