As we reported back in December last year and again last month, California’s $4.1 million Clean Vehicle Rebate Project has now run out of money. 

If you’re one of the early adopters who has been lucky enough to buy a 2011 Nissan Leaf, or 2011 Tesla Roadster in the state since 2010 you should already have had a $5,000 rebate check through the mail to go with your $7,500 federal tax credit.

But for those who haven’t yet purchased an electric car or are one of the unlucky 500 who purchased a car as the funds were running out, today is the day you find out if you will get that much-needed rebate. 

Later on today, the state’s Air Resources Board (ARB) will make a decision on the future of the generous rebate scheme, detailing how long it will continue and how much each rebate will be in the future. 

It will also deliberate on how to deal with the 500 or so electric car owners who are now on the ARB’s rebate waiting list after funds ran out last month. 

2012 Mitsubishi i

2012 Mitsubishi i

The current favored proposal includes providing those on the waiting list with rebates as quickly as possible - but only $2,500 - half of the original rebate amount. 

The ARB will also be voting on a proposal intended to make an additional $13.75 million available to the scheme. Instead of making each rebate worth $5,000 however, the rebate amount will be dropped to just $2,500 per car. 

While that may not be good news for those struggling to figure out how they will cope with the increased sticker price on the 2012 Nissan Leaf, it will make the rebates available to a total of 5,500 car owners. 

The original scheme was only able to fund rebates for 820 plug-in and hydrogen vehicle purchases. 

2012 Ford Focus Electric launch, New York City, January 2011 - Bill Ford Jr.

2012 Ford Focus Electric launch, New York City, January 2011 - Bill Ford Jr.

With many new plug-in cars due to come to market in the next few months, the ARB’s decision could make or break the adoption of electric cars within the state. 

We’ll keep you posted on the decision, so be sure to check back later on this week for an update. You can also follow us on Twitter, or Facebook for the latest news.