An email went out from a local Toyota dealership stating that several of the new 2010 Toyota Priuses are coming in soon and are available for immediate delivery, no waiting list, no deposit, they are there for the taking.  6 Priuses are coming in calling my name.

In fact, this dealership has 6 Priuses coming into their showroom and each is available to anyone willing to put down the money to buy them.  It seems hard to believe that a vehicle with an 8 month waiting list in Japan could possibly be available for immediate pick up here in the States, but that seems to be the case for now.  This hot hybrid's sales have cooled off slightly here and buyers may not have to wait to get a hold of their own Prius.

Though Prius sales are still high, they have dropped off considerably since their introduction a little over a month ago.  Toyota has increased Prius production in response to high demand, but demand has dropped and a surplus of vehicles may soon be available.

Across the pond in Japan, consumers are still making their reservations for the able little Prius and sales have increased well beyond that of the Insight, but it appears as though Toyota has found enough production capacity to make them available immediately here in the U.S.

So for those interested in the new Prius, you may not have to sit back and wait months for delivery of your new car.  You may just be able to walk down to your local Toyota dealership and walk off the lot with one on the same day.

Just a little heads up for buyers interested in the Prius, but unwilling to wait forever to get one.  Your local dealership may also have what is called a "special allocation" available just for you.

Source:  Toyota Email

The all new  dealership has just earned
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6 Available For Immediate Delivery!


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