Much attention and too little perspective has been focused on the monthly sales reports for the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, the first mass-market plug-in electric cars.

But electric-car fans still eagerly await the always-imminent arrival of another production car with a plug, the 2011 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan.

Last summer, a Fisker dealer in Los Angeles said that the first deliveries to paying customers would take place in March or April of this year.

That didn't happen.

Now, the latest date pushes the first deliveries into the third quarter of this year.

Roger Ormisher, director of global communications for Fisker Automotive, told GreenCarReports yesterday that the "first dealer [demonstration vehicles] and customer cars will arrive on these shores in July."

That means the company will log no sales for May and, Ormisher said, "probably not [for] June either."

In December, the company raised the price of the 2011 Fisker Karma. When those first customer deliveries begin, the car will have a base price of $95,900.

Meanwhile, the electric cars on sale today are the Volt, the Leaf, the Tesla Roadster, and very small numbers of two-seaters from Smart, Think, and Wheego.


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