Chevrolet Volt Battery

Chevrolet Volt Battery

General Motors has been keen to point out that its 2011 Chevrolet Volt is a truly environmentally responsible and highly recyclable vehicle.

As it turns out even we didn’t quite understand Chevrolet when it told us that most of its plug-in hybrid could be recycled at the end of a car’s life.  We assumed the plastics, metals and even delicate battery components would be broken down into constituent parts and sent for remanufacture. 

Turns out we were wrong. 

You see, used Chevrolet Volt battery cases can become the latest bijou homes: for ducks and owls.

As part of an outreach and conservation project, GM facilities across the U.S. will be installing the bird homes to provide wood ducks and screech owls a safe place to nest and lay eggs during the breeding season. 

With new camouflage paint and a conveniently drilled entrance hole, the repurposed battery cases offer GM a chance to work with youth and conservation groups to encourage wild bird populations to thrive. 

Not to mention the green kudos. 

We can’t wait to hear what Chevrolet has planned for all the other parts of its end-of-life Volts. After all, it seems to be rapidly becoming the Dr. Doolittle of the electric car world