Visit any major race track on any day of the week and there’s bound to be a cacophony of noise as professional race teams or enthusiastic amateurs drive lap after lap in praise to the gods of gasoline. 

But what would it be like if every car going around the track was powered by electricity?  What would it sound like then? 

At last week’s highly popular Refuel 2012, electric car drivers and race enthusiasts answered that question once and for all. 

Luckily for us, there were also plenty of video cameras on hand to capture the action for Youtube posterity. 

In its fourth year, the Refuel event, held at the world-famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in sunny California, attracted an exhaustive list of over 30 entrants. 

In fact, watch one particular video of entrants lining up to exit the pit lane, and it reads like a who’s who of the electric car world. 

In total, we counted more than 33 cars, including 6 BMW Active Es, 6 Nissan Leafs, 10 Tesla Roadsters, a few Chevrolet Volts, a souped-up Coda Sedan, and even a couple of converted gasoline cars.


Despite the car only launching the weekend before, there were even 6, 2012 Tesla Model S taking part. 

As with last year, some drivers were brave enough to mount cameras to their cars as they drove around the iconic circuit, producing some excellent all-electric track day videos. 

But our favorite has to be the one above, which shows what the starting lineup of every race could be like if every car race ran independently of the need for gasoline. 

Do you have any favorite Refuel 2012 photographs or videos? Feel free to share them in the Comments below. 


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