After initially appearing skeptical about the electric car, Audi has been busy over the past few years with a selection of plugin hybrid and fully electric-powered concepts, showing them off at prestigious events such as the Le Mans 24 hour race. 

But unlike the R8 e-tron, R4 e-tron spyder and A1 e-tron projects, Audi’s latest offering can fully recharge in just two hours from a standard household outlet. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

Unfortunately it is, because Audi’s latest offering is a single-seat electric Auto Union Type C, built to be half of the size of the original and featuring a top speed of just 19 mph. 

Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron

Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron

This isn’t just a toy though. Built around the iconic Ferdinand-Porsche-designed, mid-engined Grand Prix car from the 1930s, the Type C is the car that every child draws when asked to draw a racing car. 

Of course, Audi’s electric reincarnation is nothing more than a body replica of the original 6 litre racing car.  Built around the $16,000 limited-edition pedal car already sold at Audi dealerships worldwide, Audi has added a lithium-ion battery pack, rear-wheel drive 1 kilowatt motor and suitable power circuitry.

Of course, Audi’s latest electric car won’t be unveiled at a motor show: it will be pride of place on Audi’s stand at the 62nd International Toy Fair in Nuremberg from February 3 thru 8. 

At a yet undisclosed price, the tiny electric car can accommodate drivers of up to 5’11” in height and features two gears: forward and reverse. 

Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron

Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron

Acceleration is most likely to be sedentary, range a paltry 15.5 miles and creature comforts minimal. But then we suspect this car will spend more time being admired than driven. 

Our verdict? We can’t think of a better compliment to an electric car garage than an all-electric replica of one of motor racing’s most iconic cars, but unless you really are the person who has everything we think the price may put you off. 

We can all dream...

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