fcx clarity fuelcell motorauthority 007

fcx clarity fuelcell motorauthority 007

Honda will jump into the electric-car and plug-in-hybrid fray at the 2010 Los Angeles auto show with a new EV concept.

The automaker also confirmed it will lay out the plans for a new plug-in hybrid platform during the L.A. show, which opens to the media on November 17.

Honda's entries into the electrified car world have been hampered by missteps. Its original Insight two-door hybrid hit the U.S. market in the late 1990s along with the first Toyota Prius, but the Insight wasn't succeeded by a new version until 2010. That 2010 Honda Insight has earned less plaudits than the current Prius, since its Imtegrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system doesn't generate the high EPA highway fuel economy numbers to match the Prius' 51-mpg rating.

Honda also has plugged along with its FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle, shown above. The practical limits of fuel-cell technology have made the Clarity more of a long-term public relations and engineering effort, than a real point of early adoption for green-car buyers.

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito will be on hand to introduce the new electric-car concept to L.A. show audiences.

No official photos or information on the electric and plug-in hybrid technology have been released. For more details as they emerge, follow us on Twitter @AllCarsElectric.