For some reason, while none of us think twice about plugging in our mobile phones to recharge overnight, the prospect of plugging in a car makes some people very nervous.

On yesterday's test drive of a 2011 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car, we visited the Detroit-Hamtramck factory where Volts are now being built.

In their parking lot is a set of spots that have 240-Volt charging stations at the curb, shaded by an array of photovoltaic solar panels that contributes power to the recharging equipment.

In less than one minute, we opened the door of the Volt's charging port, unhooked the charging plug from its receptacle--the most challenging part, if you notice--and plugged it into the Volt.

A light on top of the dash glows orange while the car performs its self-checking diagnostics, then turns green as the car begins to charge. And that's it.