We've driven a 2009 Tesla Roadster, contributed to the complete review, and written about the torturous tradeoff between using the stupendous acceleration and maintaining enough battery range to get you home again.

While the Roadster will go down in history for making electric vehicles sexy, Tesla Motors itself is staying in the news, whether it's a recent partnership with Toyota, CEO Elon Musk's money problems, or fine-grained perusals of its S-1 filings.

But back in April 2009, the now-sadly-defunct Driver's Republic site did our favorite video review of all time on what it's actually like to drive the Tesla Roadster.

Being British, reviewer Chris Harris is of course charming, enthusiastic, and erudite without trying. But it's clear that, rather to his surprise, he really, really likes driving the Tesla.

(Though, we should note, an inverter is NOT the gear-reduction set between the motor and the final drive!)

We had exactly the same thoughts Harris did when we drove the Tesla. We just didn't express them nearly as nicely, or capture them on video. Enjoy.