Rumors and drawings have been swirling over a potential new sports car from Jaguar for over 10 years now. The first concept of a Jaguar sports car came in the form of the XK180 concept that rolled out onto the automotive show scene back in 1998. However, due to financial struggles over the last decade the sports car concept or F-type kept getting delayed. Word from Auto Express says that those troubles are behind Jaguar and the F-type project has been given the green light.

The idea of the Jaguar F-type is to produce an XK120 or XKE type two-seater sports car that will take on the likes of the Porsche Boxster, Mercedes SLK and BMW Z roadsters. The go ahead for the F-type project is being credited to a one billion pound investment from parent company Tata. “We have a new momentum. There is so much potential,” said Jaguar Land Rover chairman Ralf Speth. “A new sports car is coming.” The question now is when will we see it, what will be under the bonnet and where will it tip the price scales at.

Bottom line—British sports car aficionados around the world are sitting on pins and needles to see the new direction of Jaguar (under the supervision of Tata) will live up to the past heritage and be reliable to boot.


[Source: Auto Express]