And the winner is, the Nissan Leaf.  The Leaf has once again been honored for its outstanding achievements before it's even available to the public.  No, you can't buy one yet and you may not be able to for a few years, but the awards keep coming in.

This time around, Nissan was awarded the Green Journal Vision Award for the Leaf EV.  The award recognizes the most eco-friendly vehicle in developmental stages and not yet on sale.  The Nissan Leaf was announced as the winner of the award at the Washington Auto Show.

Amongst the list of finalists for the award was the Coda Automotive EV, the Ford Focus BEV, the Mercedes-Benz F Cell and the Toyota Prius plug-in version.

Though the Leaf will not officially go on sale until fall of this year and then only in limited areas to select individuals, many potential buyers have shown interest.  According to Nissan, the unofficial "Leaf Waiting List" includes more than 38,000 names now.  No deposits have been made, nor is the list a guarantee of getting a Leaf, but Nissan is please to state that a significant number of potential buyers have shown interest in the vehicle.

The award case is getting full now and the vehicle is still months from production.  Interest is high and recent show-goers have taken notice of the Leaf.  Let's wish Nissan success, indicators show they may have the breakthrough product in the EV segment.