Today is Halloween, but no tired jokes about green pumpkins here. It's the end of the month, so it's time to look at the most popular posts on over the last 30 days, which include items on hybrids, clean diesels, and two on the Tesla electric car.

Four out of the top five are new for the month. The only returnee from September's most popular posts is our ever-popular suggestion that the 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI is going to be a barn-burner for clean diesel sales. Here goes:

# 1: Toyota Goes Steampunk With New Electric-Car Concept for Tokyo. This one was a total shock. We almost didn't do the story, figuring it was an obscure concept car at a show that's seen better days. What do we know? Bottom Line: Toyota's FT-EV II concept proves the company still has its wack intact. Would you believe, oh, a steampunk inspired interior minus such basics as a steering wheel?

2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI

2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI

# 2: Will the 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI Be Diesel's Biggest Winner? This perennial favorite has held onto second place for three months in a row now. Bottom Line: With good reviews rolling in and a base price of $21,990, we think VW's 2010 Golf TDI will rock and roll in the sales charts, helped by hordes of loyal existing Golf diesel owners who appreciate the car's benefits. But Audi, BMW, and other carmakers with no previous diesel offerings could have a tougher time.

# 3: Tesla Taxi? Hybrid Cab Owner Customizes Electric Roadster. Tesla stories always do pretty well for us, and this one was a slam-dunk, courtesy of a tipoff from notre bon ami at LeBlogAuto in France. Bottom Line: The owner of a New York City taxi fleet, made up mostly of Ford Escape Hybrids, bought a Tesla Roadster Sport for his second home in Monaco and had it painted to resemble a Big Apple cab, complete with black graphics. It's your call as to whether you like it or loathe it.

# 4: Want $42K Off a New Tesla Roadster? Call Your Colorado Cousin. We can't help but be smug over this one; broke the story nationally, and it got picked up by Fox News and many other outlets. Bottom Line: Between now and December 31, Colorado residents can get a green-car credit of up to $42,000 on their Colorado state taxes if they buy a 2009 Tesla Roadster for $109,000. Tesla just opened a store in Boulder. Coincidence? We don't think so.

2007 Honda CR-Z Concept

2007 Honda CR-Z Concept

# 5: PREVIEW: 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Two-Seat Sports Coupe. Honda's upcoming hybrid two-seater has been a long time coming, but it's got great buzz. This article's popularity just proves it. Bottom Line: On sale in Japan next February, and arriving in the U.S. next spring, the CR-Z shares the platform of the 2010 Honda Insight. We truly hope that it provides the same delightful rollerskate handling that made the 1983-1991 CR-X so beloved 20 years ago.

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