• 2009 Toyota FT-EV II

    Today is Halloween, but no tired jokes about green pumpkins here. It's the end of the month, so it's time to look at the most popular posts on over the last 30 days, which include items on hybrids, clean diesels, and two on the Tesla electric car. Four out of the top five are new for the month. The only returnee from September's most popular posts is our ever-popular suggestion that the 2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI is going to be a barn-burner for clean diesel sales. Here goes: # 1: Toyota Goes Steampunk With New Electric-Car Concept for Tokyo. This one was a total shock. We...

  • 2009 Toyota FT-EV II
    Toyota Goes Steampunk With New Electric-Car Concept for Tokyo

    It hasn't been a great year for Toyota in the U.S., with a recall of 3.8 million vehicles for possible floor-mat hazards and a dire shortage of 2010 Prius hybrid models. So we were delighted to see the Toyota FT-EV II electric car concept for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, to prove that the company...

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