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Today, for your delight, we bring you the world's highest-mileage hearse, which also happens to have the lowest carbon footprint of any casket-transport device short of the standard six or eight pallbearers.

Our Japanese is essentially non-existent, but we've gleaned a few facts about this custom offering from Lequios, built in Okinawa using a standard third-generation Toyota Prius hybrid as its donor vehicle.

It's aimed at funeral directors who want to appeal to environmentally aware families. They may also use paper (biodegradable) coffins and request that the carbon emissions of the funeral process be minimized.

Quoted fuel economy is 49 miles per gallon (20.9 km/liter), although we're a bit skeptical of that one given its enormous increase in size and weight. The hearse is 6400mm (21 feet) long, against the 14-foot-7-inch length of the stock 2010 Toyota Prius.

The price is 7.875 million yen, or approximately $82,500.  The company also offers hearses built from the second-generation Lexus LS along with a new model based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class as well.

And we apologize in advance, but we just couldn't resist the tawdry, predictable, cliched headline. We're weak, what can we say?

2010 Toyota Prius hearse - Lequios casket rollers

2010 Toyota Prius hearse - Lequios casket rollers

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