Say you're an eco-conscious tourist on vacation in Italy and you'd like to explore the outskirts of Milan, but you left your driver's license in the hotel safe. No problem. Catch a cab 25 miles northeast to Bergamo and rent an Italian-made Startlab Open Street EV.

The Startlab is an electric two-seater with regenerative braking and enough power in its lead-gel battery to travel 40 miles at speeds up to 34 miles per hour. The structure is all aluminium and it's got an independent suspension to keep it planted.

While it's limited capabilities make it illegal to drive on freeways, it's classified as a "quadricycle," so you don't need a license to drive it in Europe. Not to mention that you can park for free anywhere in Bergamo. Let the self-guided zero-emissions tours of Italy begin. Buone vacanze!

Source: Autoblog Green, Motor Cafe