If you grew up in the early 90s, or were the parent or older sibling of someone growing up in the early 90s, you'll remember the Captain Planet cartoon.

The environmental superhero always managed to vanquish whichever malevolent polluter was doing their dirty deed, thanks to his ring-wearing assistants, able to summon him at will.

His name continues to help people today by funding and supporting environmental projects with children explains Autoblog Green.

200 people can help the Captain Planet Foundation just a little more--by buying a $500 raffle ticket. The prize? Two years' lease of a Fisker Karma.

One lucky ticket holder will drive away in the $100,000 green-leaning luxury car, but all ticket holders will be putting money towards a good cause.

Funds from the raffle will go towards the Foundation's Small Grants Program. This, says CPF, "provides critical ‘gap funding’ to formal and non-formal educators who seek to implement high-quality, solution-based programs that empower youth to become environmental stewards and global environmental change-makers"

The Foundation has funded over 1,500 projects since it was started in 1991 by the cartoon's creators. CPF's website says it's funded nearly 900,000 children, and impacted over 6.5 million.

Projects include waste recycling, planting gardens, established outdoor classrooms, and cleaning parks and neigborhoods, among others.

You can buy a raffle ticket through the Captain Planet Foundation website (only 150 of the 200 remain), and the raffle ends on April 15.

If our mention of Captain Planet has brought back memories but you can't afford to donate, you can always catch up with some re-runs on Youtube...


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