• 2013 MINI Clubvan

    We've always liked small vans, especially those derived from wagons--as rare as wagons are these days. But it turns out that the latest small van--the 2013 MINI Clubvan--both arrived in the U.S. and departed again, pretty much before anyone noticed. We had dropped a line asking about the little commercial van, and how it was doing, to Nathalie Bauters, who's the MINI Communications Manager at MINI USA.. The Clubvan is essentially a MINI Cooper Clubman small wagon, with the rear side windows blanked out and the rear seat removed. It retains that car's third side door, as well as the vertically...

  • 2013 MINI John Cooper Works Paceman ALL4, New York City
    2013 MINI Paceman John Cooper Works: We Ask 'Why?'

    Every once in a while, we end up driving a car that leaves us utterly confused. The 2013 MINI Cooper Paceman John Cooper Works ALL4 we drove for a day last week is one such vehicle. It's striking, but far less functional than the MINI Countryman from which it's derived. The handling is decent, but...

  • 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman, 2012 LA Auto Show Live Shots
    2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman: LA Auto Show Live Photos

    We're into the second day of the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, and the launches are still rolling in. MINI has launched the Paceman in L.A, and we can now bring you live images of the current range-topper, the Cooper S Paceman. Adding a turbocharger to the regular Cooper Paceman's 1.6-liter gasoline...

  • 2013 MINI Paceman Coupe
    2013 MINI Paceman: Los Angeles Auto Show Preview

    MINI is set to launch the 2013 Paceman crossover on its North American debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. Based on the same platform as the Cooper Countryman hatchback, the Paceman has been liberated of a couple of doors and granted a lower, sloping roofline. MINI has also announced a...

  • 2013 MINI Cooper S Paceman
    MINI Burns Lots Of Gas In PR-Based Expedition To Nowhere

    The MINI brand re-established itself globally by building fuel-efficient cars that, coincidentally, were also surprisingly fun to drive. In fact, when it comes to cars powered by their front wheels, we can’t think of any that handle better than MINI’s products. The brand has innovated...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept MkII
    Confirmed: U.S. Mini Will Soon Get 3-Cylinder Engine Option

    At last week’s Paris Auto Show, BMW unveiled the Concept Active Tourer, a compact plug-in hybrid wagon powered by a combination of battery power and a 3-cylinder gasoline engine. At the moment, BMW’s new 1.5-liter, 3-cylinder engine, designed in part for use in its upcoming i8 plug-in...

  • 1959 Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe Saloon

    If you were to compile a list of the greatest American cars ever, it's unlikely you'd find many gas sippers near the top. But in Europe, where small cars rule and gas has long been more expensive, some of the continents most iconic cars were also fairly green in their day. That's why readers of Autocar have voted the classic Mini as the greatest British car ever, seeing off strong competition from cars like the beautiful Jaguar E-Type, and rugged Range Rover. The Mini transformed the automotive landscape in Britain, in much the same way Volkswagen's Beetle and Fiat's 500 did for Germany and...

  • BMW's London 2012 Olympic remote control MINIs
    Electric Mini MINIs Help Out At London Olympic Games

    The 2012 Olympic Games might be based in London this year, but the official car sponsor is distinctly German, with BMW supplying all the official games vehicles. Still, Brits can take some solace that a selection of MINIs make up part of the fleet, adding a traditional touch to the games. Forty of...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept MkII
    Next-Gen, 3-Cyl MINI Hatchback To Debut At 2013 Frankfurt Show?

    You only need to take a look at the current MINI range--with its hatchbacks, convertibles, coupes, roadsters, crossovers and more--to see that it's quite a challenge designing a range of cars based on a small, 1959 minicar. It's sure to make the job of updating the MINI quite a challenge--and one...

  • 2011 MINI Paceman concept
    2013 Mini Paceman Crossover Coupe Confirmed, More Models Coming

    Earlier this month, BMW confirmed that the Mini Paceman two-door coupe concept car we saw at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show would go on sale in the U.S. early next year. But according to Automotive news (subscription required), the new car -- essentially a coupe version of the existing Mini Countryman...

  • 2013 MINI Clubvan
    2013 MINI Clubvan, Its First Truck, To Arrive This Fall

    Anyone who's traveled overseas has seen the small car-based commercial vehicles common in the crowded cities of Europe and Asia. While U.S. workmen may use full-size Ford or Chevy vans, their European counterparts use smaller vans (and pickups too) based on compact or even subcompact models. But...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept MkII
    Does The MINI Rocketman MkII Concept Hint At Revived Production Status?

    When it debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the original MINI Rocketman Concept was quickly embraced for its very MINI mini-ness. It was also speculated to be on its way to production--a rumor that was quickly shot down by BMW, MINI's parent brand. But a MkII version of the concept revealed...

  • 2012 MINI Clubvan Concept live photos

    Small vans are big business in Europe. In cities with tight streets and for businesses with only lightweight cargo to carry, the small van is the convenient and importantly, tax-friendly answer. It's no surprise that MINI is interested in entering the market then. It's expected to do so with a vehicle like the 2012 MINI Clubvan Concept, seen here in our live photos from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. While the Clubvan is labelled as a concept, a representative with the car on the MINI stand--whose appearance resembled an extra from Mary Poppins or Oliver Twist--seemed to hint that the car would...

  • Mini E and BMW ActiveE in New Jersey (photo: Michael Thwaite)
    Living With The Mini E Electric Car For Two Years: Memories

    So, first, a little history. Our family car was a 2008 Audi A6 Avant S Line, silver with a black interior. My husband Michael had a 2005 Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works. Both were very nice cars. In February 2008, Michael discovered the Tesla Roadster, and decided he had to have one. We did the...

  • The MINI Cooper SD diesel
    MINI Cooper Diesels May Be U.S. Bound: Report

    MINI head, Dr. Kay Segler, recently told Car and Driver that diesel models for U.S. customers are a "medium term" consideration for the automaker.

  • Mini E and BMW ActiveE electric cars, New Jersey, Dec 2011 (photos: Tom Moloughney)
    After 30 Months In A Mini E Electric Car, BMW ActiveE Coming Up

    I took possession of my 2009 Mini E electric car (serial number 250) on June 12, 2009. At the time, I signed up for a one year lease, which is all BMW was offering. It was made perfectly clear that after 12 months, we would have to give the car back and that there would be no exceptions. One...

  • 2010 mini e electric vehicle ev la auto show live 009
    MINI E Meetup: End Of The Line For Electric Car 'Experiment'

    The Northeast MINI E Meetup in New Jersey was the last before drivers of the experimental MINI E test fleet must return their cars to BMW to be dismantled and crushed.

  • Daihatsu A-Concept
    Small, Fun, High-MPG Minicars, Never Coming To The U.S.

    Life is so unfair sometimes. Car companies have been dangling the carrot of smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles in front of us for a few years now and though we've managed to grab vehicles like the MINI, Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta (and the Chevrolet Spark is on the way), we're still denied many...

  • 2010 mini e electric vehicle ev la auto show 022

    A few months after BMW and MINI's electric car study ended in the United States, a similar scheme run in the U.K. has also come to a close, and the results are in... ...and if you've read the results of the American tests, the figures coming from the U.K. will all look very familiar. Basically, all the drivers loved driving the MINI E, as you might expect from a small, fun, 204 horsepower electric hot hatchback. The results are about more than just whether people enjoy driving EVs though, and for BMW the focus is on collecting data for its current and future EV projects, the 2011 BMW ActiveE...

  • BMW ActiveE
    BMW To Provide 4,000 Cars For 2012 Olympics, Electric Cars Included

    The 2012 Olympics to be held next summer in London may be the greenest yet, with spectators and many participants moving by mass transit among the various venues. Still, automotive partner BMW plans to provide up to 4,000 vehicles for use during the events. Now we learn that 200 of those will be...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept
    How Mini Is Too Mini? Profit Tough For BMW On Tinier Minicar

    When BMW launched the new MINI back in 2001, the U.S. market wondered if anyone could actually sell a car that small. The proof has been in the pudding--the new MINI sold quite well--but the company hasn't stopped there, adding models left and right. Now, leave it to the folks over at MINI Central...

  • 2010 mini e electric vehicle ev la auto show 022
    Mini E Driver Study: Some Caveats On Electric-Car Happy News

    The recent study of Mini E drivers may need to be taken with a few grains of salt.

  • MINI E
    Should BMW Have Made the Mini E a Production Car? #YouTellUs

    BMW can’t be accused of rushing into the electric car market. After nearly two years of BMW Mini E testing and countless hours of feedback sessions from test participants, BMW is just about to start its second round of electric car testing with its 1-series based Active-E. But if you want to...

  • MINI Rocketman Concept
    Many More Minis: BMW Plans Up To 10 Different High-MPG Models

    We know that the Mini lineup will expand into several sizes, Now an executive at BMW (which owns the iconic British brand) has said there may be as many as 10 different Mini models in future. The Mini lineup for 2011 already includes four models: There's the Mini Cooper three-door hatchback and...

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