If you like the MINI but want something a little more practical, then this could be the car for you.

It's the MINI Clubman Concept and it's set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Though even a brief glance tells you there's little concept-like about the new car.

In contrast to the previous MINI Clubman that featured an asymmetrical design, the new car is a regular four-door vehicle.

Actually, make that six--since the Clubman Concept retains the previous car's "club doors", two side-hinged doors in homage to the classic Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman's similar rear door layout.

And while the outgoing MINI Clubman offers little more practicality than a regular MINI hatchback thanks to its relatively short length, the new car has grown by 10 inches in length and a substantial 6.7 inches in width.

As a result, interior space should be much greater than that of the current car. Quality is higher too, just as it is with the recently-launched 2014 MINI models.

MINI has gone for a more upmarket ambiance with the Clubman Concept. On the outside, the car features Berry Red paintwork, a contrasting silver roof and liberal use of chrome elements on both the bodywork and the large 19-inch alloy wheels.

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Unusually for a MINI the door handles are recessed into the bodywork, while at the rear the handles are also recessed, and positioned between tail lights placed on their side, rather than upright as in other MINIs.

Inside the Clubman Concept belies its concept car nature with a much smoother layout and intricate use of materials. Berry Red features on some leather surfaces, black on others, and selective use of Sky Blue nubuck leather provides a contrasting finish inside.

Graphics on the central display and the instrument panel give the interior a high-tech appearance and like other concept interior elements, will likely make way for more conventional layouts in the production model.

As a concept vehicle no engine choice has been revealed, though production Clubmans would feature the same three- and four-cylinder turbocharged power units as other new MINIs. A 'green' driving mode will help buyers achieve better fuel efficiency figures.

The MINI Clubman Concept will make its debut in front of the world's press on March 4. You can catch up with other Geneva show launches by heading to our Geneva Motor Show hub page.


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