• BMW iX3 Concept front 3/4

    BMW accelerated its electric-car plans by two years. Volkswagen says its battery supplies are secure. Rivian reveals more plans for lifestyle gear. And our readers weigh in on electric Hummers. All this and more on Green Car Reports. At an event in Germany on Tuesday, BMW announced that it is pulling forward its plans to electrify its products by two years and focusing more on pure electric cars. Despite shortages of batteries and battery materials beginning to roil the EV industry, Volkswagen, the automaker with the largest-scale plans for EVs says its contracts will guarantee it has enough...

  • 2016 Tesla Model X
    Tesla Model X SUV Qualifies For $25K 'HUMMER Tax Break'

    Remember the gas-guzzler tax allowance, nicknamed the "HUMMER deduction" because it allowed small-business owners to buy massive, heavy, fuel-sucking SUVs and deduct a large piece of the cost from their taxes? The HUMMER brand went away as a result of the 2009 GM bankruptcy and government-backed...

  • Zero South plug-in hybrid Hummer H1
    Plug-In Hybrid HUMMERs Headed For The South Pole On Biofuel

    Zero South plans to drive two modified Hummers to the South Pole without using any fossil fuels.

  • 2006 HUMMER H1 Alpha
    Five Vehicles That Make Green-Car Drivers See Red

    Driving a Toyota Prius hybrid, a plug-in electric car from Chevy, Nissan, or Tesla, or even a small, fuel-efficient car isn't always about green sentiments. People buy those cars for many reasons: fondness for early-adopter gadgets, concerns over energy security, and total-cost-of-ownership money...

  • 2001 Hummer H1 Four-door Hardtop
    Plug-in Army Tanks? Coming To A Battlefield Near You

    Think of plug-in hybrids and you’ll probably think of cars like the 2012 Chevrolet Volt or 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid. But plug-in hybrid army tanks? They might just be closer than you think. Enter the U.S. Army, and its latest prototype test vehicle, a fully-amored plug-in vehicle...

  • Nation-E Angel Car electric HUMMER H1
    Nation-E Reveals All-Electric HUMMER H1 'Angel Car'

    The HUMMER H1 is often the vehicle people picture first when they think of the most environmentally unfriendly thing on four wheels. So what better vehicle to demonstrate the diversity and flexibility of the electric car revolution than one of its main antagonists? That’s exactly what the...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius

    On the surface, buying a "green car" often doesn't make sense. Or rather, it doesn't make dollars and cents: The extra cost of the necessary technology--whether it's a hybrid, a clean diesel, or a plug-in electric car--is often never recouped in fuel savings. So why do people do it? Turns out it's all about image. Green-car buyers want to show the world what kind of people they are. PsyBlog describes a University of Minnesota study that showed the prime motivator for Toyota Prius hybrid buyers was that it "makes a statement about me." For these buyers, the environmental benefits of the Prius...

  • Sparky the Voltswagen
    Inhabitat Lists Top 5 Modified Greenmobiles

    Do you ever wish your car came in an electric version? Do you find yourself daydreaming about bio-diesel conversions? If so, the bloggers at Inhabitat have assembled a list of vehicles to inspire you. The so-called "Top 5 Pimped-Out Eco Rides" range from a Hummer H1 stretch-limo to a 1985 Chevy S10...

  • 2009 Hummer H2
    HUMMER Drivers Say: I'm More Moral Than Effete Prius Wimps

    We often say that many Toyota Prius hybrid owners and HUMMER drivers choose their cars for the same reason: They want to make a statement to other people about who they are. Now our pals at Wired have uncovered a fascinating (if small) sociological study that parses how HUMMER owners view their...

  • THe Hummer H3E
    Testing Shows Raser Electric Hummer Exceeds 50 Miles On Batteries Alone

    Electric Hummer H3E Could get 190MPG City Using the Method Used to Predict 240 MPG For GM Volt

  • 100 MPG HUMMER H3 Plug-In Hybrid to be Unveiled

    The HUMMER H3 has long been criticized as the epitome of impractical, fuel-gulping SUV. But Raser Technologies of Utah wants to use technology similar to that found in the Chevy Volt to make the HUMMER a 100 MPG fuel sipper. Details are sketchy, as Raser plans to debut the prototype later this...

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