Lucid is rolling out a big over-the-air update. The Tesla Model Y is the top-seller in Germany. We look at the form a Toyota Crown Prime PHEV might take. And might Sony-Honda EVs might be built in Ohio? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Sony Honda Mobility, the new joint venture between the two Japanese companies, this morning confirmed that the U.S. will be the launch market for Sony-Honda EVs due in 2026. What’s more, these EVs will be built in North America. 

Lucid is rolling out the most significant over-the-air update yet to its Air electric car. Called UX 2.0, it overhauls the interface, adds better range prediction, and brings “dozens of new features” to every Air. And it’s being delivered over the air.

With the Model Y, Tesla has achieved bestseller status in Germany. In September, the Model Y was the single top-selling model there, beating the VW Golf and other longtime sales champs. It helps that the Model Y is a locally built vehicle coming from the company’s Giga Berlin factory.

And according to recent reports, a Toyota Crown Prime plug-in hybrid is in the works. Would this replacement for the big Toyota Avalon sedan make more sense as a hybrid, and will it follow the sporty side or range-extending side of plug-in hybrids?


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