Plug-in hybrids aren’t the dollars-and-cents no-brainer vs. hybrids anymore, due to the revamped EV tax credit. Honda provides a closer look at its upcoming electric SUV. And will Tesla Megachargers be popping up everywhere now that the Semi is being delivered? This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Tesla Semi production has started, CEO Elon Musk reported Thursday, with first deliveries expected to Pepsi starting December 1. With the Semi’s long-awaited arrival, however, don’t expect its complementary Megachargers to also arrive soon in significant numbers, though—either as Tesla truck stops or as part of Supercharger stations. 

Honda provided its closest look yet at its 2024 Prologue electric SUV—including the size of the upcoming EV, and some of its rollout plans. The GM-based EV will be sized between Honda’s Passport and Pilot SUVs, and Honda is looking at shorter leases for CR-V Hybrid drivers under the assumption many will want to migrate to the Prologue. 

With the EV tax credit no longer applying to many plug-in hybrid models, and PHEVs themselves not due to grow at the rate of EVs in the future, automakers are faced with some tough decisions. But the unfortunate net result for consumers is that PHEVs are no longer a no-brainer vs. hybrids


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