Toyota announced U.S. EV battery production, and that sounds like a nod to future U.S.-built EVs. Bosch intends to make fuel cells in the U.S. for semis. And Sono Motors is racking up reservations for its solar EV. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Sono has announced that it’s reached 20,000 reservations for its $25,000 Sion solar EV, which promises about 70 free miles from the sun each week, as well as bi-directional charging. For now, it’s only for Europe, but an expansion of the company’s solar offerings is coming to the commercial-vehicle sector. 

Toyota announced an accelerated battery plan on Wednesday that includes more manufacturing capacity in North Carolina for U.S.-made EV batteries—and, by extension, that suggests U.S.-made EVs in Toyota’s future

Bosch, which has been a longtime industry leader for diesel systems, is investing in the technology that might replace them. It plans to build hydrogen fuel-cell stacks for electrified semi trucks in South Carolina, with Nikola one of its first intended customers.


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