Polestar confirms what looks a lot like a rival to the Tesla Roadster 2.0. Foxconn plans to build electric tractors alongside the Lordstown Endurance. And it’s the end of the EV tax credit as we know it. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

With President Biden signing the Inflation Reduction Act today, it’s likely goes away for the remainder of the year. Then the significantly revamped version will bring more truly American-made EVs, a used-EV credit, and more. Pickings will be slim in the meantime, and given the new constraints we looked at how limited the eligibility list for EVs and PHEVs will be.

Polestar has confirmed that it’s building its O2 electric roadster concept, as the Polestar 6. While the electric hardtop convertible won’t arrive until 2026, Polestar is already taking deposits—and with new aluminum underpinnings and Polestar’s own motors, battery pack, and 800-volt architecture, it’s setting up to be the closest rival to the Tesla Roadster 2.0 yet. 

California-based Monarch has confirmed that longtime iPhone contract maker and soon-to-be automaker Foxconn will make its electric tractor in Ohio—at the same former GM plant that will be making the Lordstown Endurance and Fisker Pear.


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