Lucid Air goes Stealth, despite production delays. EV shoppers carry higher credit scores and lower loan risks, according to a sweeping TransUnion study. The U.K. startup Arrival is fading, and proposed legislation in the U.S. to incentivize more affordable electric cars stokes controversy. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

It didn't take long for Lucid to tap into the dark trim trend popular across the autosphere. For $6,000, a new Stealth Look trim counters the Platinum Look with 35 different dark trim pieces and new wheel designs across all except the base Air Pure model. Orders can be placed this week, but deliveries won't take place until early next year, at best. 

A strong credit rating can translate to much better loan terms and much less paid out over the life of a car loan. A sweeping TransUnion study found that EV buyers have a higher credit rating than ICE car buyers, and are less likely to take on as much debt, even if they make a larger down payment. 

A proposed cap on the renewed federal EV tax credit could pressure automakers to produce more affordable electric cars, or it could cause them to charge more up until the cap. Legislation would add price caps of $55,000 for electric cars and $80,000 for electric pickup trucks and SUVs.

The U.K. EV startup Arrival might touch down before it lands in reality. A recent business reorganization scraps plans to produce an inexpensive EV for Uber use, and electric bus development is also in question. Arrival's electric van still has wings, however.


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