Siemens aims to manufacture a workaround for EV-charger home electrical-panel upgrades. Florida bulks up on EV charging infrastructure. And a re-upped EV tax credit could give an immediate boost to GM and Tesla. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The EV tax credit expansion is back, and it’s once again a possibility. Under a Senate proposal expected to pass, this time the 200,000-vehicle cap would be lifted—bringing GM, Tesla, and Toyota vehicles back to full qualification—while vehicle-price and household-income caps would be applied. Although the credit would hold at $7,500—with $4,000 for used EVs—it would be made a point-of-sale amount under a mechanism yet to be worked out.

Citing data suggesting that nearly half of U.S. households might not be able to support the installation of a typical (40- to 60-amp) Level 2 AC charger without a costly panel upgrade, the global supplier Siemens has announced a partnership with Virginia-based ConnectDER to produce a proprietary adapter that can simply be plugged into the household’s utility-meter collar.

And up until now, Florida has boasted one of the highest numbers of registered electric cars among U.S. states, while the charging infrastructure has remained sparse and underwhelming. But plans from a newcomer, IUC, will install 80-amp Level 2 chargers across the state within the next 18 months, effectively doubling the number of chargers.

And over at Motor Authority: While many other brands are pulling electric vehicle programs forward, Bentley’s first EV has been pushed back a year—to 2028. 


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