The 2022 Toyota Mirai is now available with Toyota's Teammate driver-assistance system, but only as a $5,170 option on the top Limited trim level.

Toyota confirmed to Green Car Reports that while the 2022 Mirai has been available for months, the Teammate option hasn't been available until March.

Unveiled last year, Toyota Teammate has been billed as a "partial hands-free system" designed to reduce fatigue—and also offered in the Lexus LS. Its Advanced Drive function can control acceleration, braking, and lane centering on certain limited-access highways, but still requires drivers to keep their eyes on the road, according to Toyota.

This means Toyota Teammate corresponds to Level 2 on the SAE autonomy scale, putting it firmly in the realm of driver assistance rather than autonomous driving. However, this still gives Toyota an equivalent to General Motors' Super Cruise and upcoming Ultra Cruise systems, as well as Ford's Blue Cruise.

2022 Toyota Mirai with Toyota Teammate

2022 Toyota Mirai with Toyota Teammate

The system is actually being offered as a 10-year subscription along with Toyota's Safety Connect, Dynamic Navigation, and Destination Assist data services. Selecting this option brings the price of a 2022 Toyota Mirai Limited to $72,195 with destination.

Toyota Teammate isn't available on the base Mirai XLE, which starts at $50,525 with destination. The base prices of both trim levels are unchanged, but an increase in the destination charge means net prices are slightly higher than the equivalent 2021 models.

Toyota thinks it can skip lidar sensors with its driver-assist systems—a configuration not shared with anyone but Tesla, and potentially Fisker. Other automakers have decided that lidar is critical, even for a system that's considered Level 2 for now. Lidar, which is similar in principle to radar but using light rather than radio waves, provides another stream of sensor data alongside radar and cameras, but also adds to the cost of vehicles.