Lexus looks ahead to its first EV due next year. Nissan ponders EV performance with a race-influenced concept. And Polestar counts its future in 3, 4, 5. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

Polestar on Thursday provided a first look—albeit in camouflaged form—of the Polestar 3 electric SUV that will arrive in 2022 and is due to be made in the U.S. And the brand teased how it compares in profile with the Polestar 4 crossover coupe, to be closely related to the 3, and the Polestar 5 flagship that’s a production-bound version of its Precept concept.

Nissan provided a look at design themes for future electric performance cars in a unique format—an Ariya Single Seater concept, harnessing the Ariya’s propulsion system. The design appears to fit right in alongside a number of previous performance-EV concepts that Nissan opted not to build.

Lexus gave us a first glimpse of its electric crossover SUV, called the RZ—and likely to be badged the RZ 450e when it arrives later in 2022. Specs remain a complete unknown, although based on a recent top-level view, Lexus EVs will offer more performance and range while Toyota EVs will focus on affordability.

Also, we provided the second part of our check-in on Toyota’s electrification plans for the decade. Will future Prime plug-in hybrids from the brand—a future Highlander Prime, perhaps—offer even more range and performance than the RAV4 Prime?


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