Tesla Model 3 prices rise yet again. The Fisker Ocean will offer a choice of very fast-charging battery packs. And Ford eyes the electric restomod potential of its drive systems. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

The upcoming Fisker Ocean will offer very fast charging—peaking at more than 250 kw—thanks to two packs to be supplied by CATL, Fisker revealed Tuesday. Two battery packs will be offered, each with different cell chemistries: a LFP “high-value” pack, and an NMC “high-capacity” pack. With the former, Fisker still aims for a base price of $37,499.

The base price of the Tesla Model 3 has risen again—to $7,000 more than the quicker base version from earlier this year. This time, the Model 3 gets 10 miles of additional range—to 272 miles—and although there might be other improvements underneath, this could simply be Tesla playing supply and demand. 

Over at Motor Authority: Ford on Tuesday revealed the Eluminator electric “crate motor” in a custom 1978 F-100 pickup truck. Based on the motors that power the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the kit costs $3,900 but doesn’t yet include the inverter or controllers—and certainly not the battery. With such e-crate kits all the rage, Ford is working on a more comprehensive one.


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