Audi shows the shape of an autonomous electric sedan for later in the decade. BMW thinks about the circular economy and CO2 reduction in a concept EV. Nikola chooses Bosch for fuel cells. And the list of long-delayed Tesla products is growing. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Tesla has confirmed two significant delays just this week—Roadster and Cybertruck. Earlier in the week, Elon Musk confirmed the Roadster won’t ship until 2023, and then, as part of an internal company update, Musk reportedly announced the Cybertruck is delayed to late 2022. 

The Audi Grandsphere EV concept was designed from the inside out, in a future in which Level 4 autonomous driving allows the driver to lounge some of the time. And it also manages to look racy and inspiring. 

The hydrogen fuel-cell truck startup Nikola has turned to the automotive supplier Bosch, not GM, for its fuel-cell hardware due to go into U.S.-assembled trucks. 

BMW is seeking drastic CO2 reductions per vehicle, as well as more recycled content in its cars, and it’s teased a related i Vision Circular concept car for the upcoming Munich auto show.


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